If you want to know why our world is the way it is,  youre in the right place!

          Both an atlas and an encyclopaedia, the Timemap of World History covers all the worlds history.

          The Atlas gives you a panoramic overview of the grand sweep of history.

          The Encyclopedia provides a wealth of information which lets you dig deeper into civilizations, empires and events.

          The Education area offers teachers and students ideas for getting the most from the site.

          A super-cool and accessible way to learn about world history

          Award-winning education blogger, Larry Ferlazzo.

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          The Timemaps Premium service offers more in-depth map resources than those available free. These are especially useful for teachers and their students, but will also be of interests to others. The units are of the same authoritative quality you already see on the site.

          an ad-free experience of the whole Timemaps site

          access to masses of material not available in the free area

          extra learning support for teachers and students

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          Historical integrity and technological accuracy are combined in one of the most reliable and easy-to-use teaching aids you can ever have the privilege of using. Use this product. It will enhance your teaching of the material and make it take on greater meaning for your students. Without question, this is one of the best teaching resources I have ever seen.

          Dwight Jenkins, History Teacher, USA.

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          The author, Peter Britton, is a historian who has been producing and publishing digital history resources for some thirty years. The maps were created by Alexander Kent, a widely respected cartographer. Jonny, Peters son, has overall responsibility for the creation of digital materials and for social media.

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          World History Atlas

          The Atlas of World History contains more than 650 maps covering world, regional and country histories

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          World History Encyclopedia

          The Encyclopedia contains short articles covering the civilizations, empires and great episodes of history

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          Curriculum Materials

          This huge website is ideal for learning about all the world's history! We have classroom ideas and teacher support to get you started

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